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Luxury Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Sometimes the location alone is enough to turn a good self-catering property into a luxury one. Providing all the basic features are there, a spectacular view, or exceptional tranquillity and seclusion could be all you need to make a holiday that little bit special.

Similarly, a location close to a luxury attraction could make the difference between a good cottage and a great one. Scotland boasts more than a dozen Michelin starred restaurants, as well as many other outstanding dining experiences. It doesn’t want for spa and pampering experiences either and of course, there are world class golf courses like St Andrews and Muirfield. One can enjoy a variety of experiences and guided tours in Scotland including luxury experiences such as helicopter or balloon excursions, sailing lessons and much more.

We all want different things and what might seem like a luxury to one might be nothing special to another. Only you can decide how to make your holiday that little bit extra special. Armed with some of these suggestions, and few of your own ideas, you should have no trouble finding the perfect holiday property in Scotland right here, browse our luxury holiday cottages and book today.

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How to add luxury to a self-catering holiday in Scotland

There are lots of ways to add a touch of luxury to your stay. Sometimes it’s a question of a particular feature of the property, other changes may be down to personal preference and occasionally it is all about the location. A few basic features you might expect to find in a luxury cottage in Scotland might include a small hamper of local produce on arrival, a spacious modern kitchen, a wood burning stove for cosy nights and free unlimited wi-fi. Having said that, if you are looking to get away from it all, then the latter may be the last thing on your mind. A top-quality finish should be standard, with new appliances, furnishings and décor throughout.

Outdoor Areas

Other features that can make your stay a bit special relation to the external features of luxury holiday cottages in Scotland. A fully enclosed garden affords privacy and security. If romance is in the air, then what better aid than the sights and scents of flowers, trees and herbs. If the weather is fine, then you will want to spend more time outdoors. A patio, garden furniture and a barbecue can all add a touch of luxury to your stay. If, on the other hand, the weather is fine but not too warm, then you might appreciate a conservatory or sun-room to keep any chilly winds at bay. Last but not least is the view. A panorama of mountain peaks disappearing into a blue haze or a wide expanse of sparkling water adds a touch of luxury to any holiday property.

Hot-Tubs and More

Long gone are the days when typical self-catering holiday accommodation might be a flimsy chalet with pokey rooms and peeling wallpaper. These days we have come to expect, as a bare minimum, a fully equipped modern kitchen, comfortable beds and sofas and enough space to swing a cat. So, what constitutes a luxury feature? Well, top of the list is the increasingly popular hot-tub. If you’ve just hiked all day through all weathers, then while other hikers crawl into a tiny tent, you could be watching the sun go down in a hot-tub, discussing the next day’s adventures. Equally, if you have just enjoyed a day soaking up history and culture, followed by a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant, then finishing off with a nightcap in the hot-tub could be the perfect end to the day. More and more luxury cottages in Scotland offer a hot-tub as standard.

Real Log Fires

While there are very good reasons why few homes have an open fire today, there can’t be many of us who, when we are on holiday, don’t long to sit in a comfy chair, listening to logs crackling and spitting and watching the flames dance merrily, perhaps while reading a good book. It’s the perfect romantic touch to a luxury cottage. One caveat, while there is nothing romantic about a modern radiator, you might want to make sure that the open fire it’s not the only heating on offer; especially if you are holidaying in winter. You might also expect luxury cottages in Scotland to feature picturesque architecture, built from local materials, although many luxurious properties don’t conform to the classic cottage style and you may even prefer a modern purpose-built lodge.

More Space Than You Need

Even when comparing a selection of two-bedroom properties, it is obvious that some self-catering properties offer more space than others. You can usually get a good feel for that from the pictures. However, if you think you might need even more room, why not upsize a little when booking? If there are just two of you, don’t just look at one-bedroom cottages. A larger property may offer more space to lounge around, and a bigger dining area and kitchen. If you’re booking for a family, you might appreciate a spare room or the extra space of a bigger property than you need. In a large group of friends, you might find that a little more space allows you more flexibility, in case the social dynamic changes while you are away. There is also a tendency for larger properties to boast more additional features, adding to your luxury options.

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