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25 Oct 2018

As places to visit in Scotland go, Loch Ness in Inverness will take some beating. The Loch stretches for 23 miles and is bordered by quintessentially Scottish villages, stunning mountain scenery and the ruins of Urquhart Castle. It is also home to the very elusive Loch Ness Monster, Nessie.

Legend has it that Nessie is a creature that lives in the Loch. She has been spotted since the 7th Century and a monk was the first person to claim they had seen her. Photographs have been taken, but the scientific community has yet to confirm her existence. If this legend grabs your attention, you’ll find a trip to the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre very informative, as well as gaining insight into the Loch’s wider significance.

Fancy trying to get a glimpse of the mythical inhabitant then why not explore the Loch on a sightseeing boat cruise? Don’t forget your camera! Other great excursions in the area include a trip to Fort Augustus, the Waterfalls of Foyers and the ancient ruins of Corrimony Chambered Cairn.

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