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The Great Glen Way

25 Oct 2018

Ranking an impressive 64th in the “Best Great British Walks”, the Great Glen Way consists of 76 miles which can either be walked, cycled or travelled by boat. This particular source to sea route is on a “geological fault line” between Fort William and Inverness, meaning that the Great Glen is nothing less than a natural feature. Due to this, the Great Glen Way gives adventurers of all ages an unforgettable journey, whether this is done coast to coast, source to sea or just in small doses! This area is very popular with tourists from all around the world and is one of the largest routes from the East to the West of Scotland. As previously mentioned, one of the ways in which the Great Glen Way can be explored is by bike. The Great Glen Mountain Bike Trails are known as a “collection of cycling facilities” situated in different locations within the area. These mountain bike trails are accommodating for riders of all levels and ages, from complete beginners and families to people riding at the world-class competition level.

One of the most prominent features of the Great Glen Way is the Caledonian Canal, which follows the flatter, geological Great Glen Faultline. This canal opened in 1822 and is home to the stunning engineering works, known as Neptune’s Staircase. Here, the canal rises 70 feet over 500 yards through a metaphorical ‘staircase’ of eight lock gates. Watching a boat go through or come out of Neptune’s Staircase is a spectacular sight for passing walkers and other tourists.

For the more seasoned walker, walking the High Route could be an adventure that they wish to participate in. The High Route is the name given to a “recent set of alternative paths” which have been added to the Great Glen Way. They help the walker to climb higher above the famous Loch Ness, providing the perfect viewpoints across the treetops. If you walk this part of the Great Glen Way, it will take substantially longer than the traditional route, due to the fact that it holds steeper gradients and a jagged challenging pathway.

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